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Jeff Lane & Real Life Heavies

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In 2010, literally from out of nowhere, Indie-Rock/Alt-Country songwriter Jeff Lane crawled out from under a rock and released a record with a band called HUNDRED ACRES at his very first show! People noticed something different and they liked it a lot. For roughly 20 years, music had been a private thing for Jeff Lane, but after literally being pushed into the public as the bank reclaimed his farm during the recession of 2009, something was rekindled in his life, something that connects with any hardworking American who has weathered a storm.  After realizing that his only remaining possession (music) wasn’t meant to be kept a secret any longer, Lane reinvented himself by releasing a culmination of music he’d been building behind closed doors for over a decade. Since nobody knew that he was a guitar player or a song writer, he knew the music would have to be more than anyone would have ever expected. From that moment, it began…


Jeff Lane rolls in a lane by himself – BY TOM NETHERLAND SPECIAL TO THE HERALD COURIER | Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016 8:00 am

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Jeff Lane took a swig from a longneck bottle of beer. A thought occurred to him in the moment, which he pondered and fired as if from the big iron of a gunslinger’s holster. “Comfort zones are boring,” said Lane in squint-eyed fashion. “Period.”  He ought to know. Hear Lane ply his songwriting trade on stage at Bristol’s Studio Brew on Aug. 14 and again at Elizabethton’s Jiggy Ray’s on Aug. 20. Catch him down the line any old time as a member of Hundred Acres and new band the Real Life Heavies. Whichever, whatever and however — Lane resides in a lane that’s altogether beyond one of convention.

“I do the singer/songwriter thing when I’m solo,” Lane said. “The Real Life Heavies is classic rock meets soul meets funk meets R&B meets disco. I would classify Hundred Acres as more of an Americana, honky-tonk, mountain soul band.” Lane’s neither country nor bluegrass. He grew up learning rock of the 1980s, playing guitar for hours in his bedroom. For years thereafter, he rarely played music for folks other than close family and friends.  “I wrote songs for 20 years before anyone knew,” he said. About seven years ago, inspired by the loss of his farm amid the near depression of an economy, Lane and such buddies as Quentin Horton formed Hundred Acres. An outlet was born. “We recorded our first record before our first gig,” Lane said. “We released it on my 40th birthday. I was scared to death. That’s what I like about this new band (The Real Life Heavies), too. You can feel your heart flutter a little bit.” Though he’s not a country singer, Lane’s life reads like a George Jones country song. He’s lived, loved and lost. He’s been up and he’s been down. “Over and over,” Lane said. “It’s things like that which make songs. Not all songs have to be true stories, but sometimes it’s only one little piece that’s happened in my life.”

To meet Jeff Lane one would never know of the hardship he’s encountered. He smiles like a bird who’s perched atop the world. The man seemingly never met a stranger. However, hear him on stage. Whether it’s his popular “I’m Gettin’ Married in Gatlinburg Again, the epic “Best Times” or a pensive “Rings” Lane’s songs touch upon a wide gamut of feeling. “Music is about one thing — creating emotion,” he said. “You can make people happy. You can make people sad.” Lane put his beer down. His wall came down for a moment upon mention of his mother. Water from the wells of home gathered in his eyes as he looked straight into the eyes of the reporter. “Yesterday was 15 years since my mother passed away,” Lane said. “She was my biggest supporter. Imagine hearing me try to learn Queensryche, Van Halen music on guitar, five hours a day. She always said she loved it anyway.”

From those initial mines of inspiration blossomed the music of Jeff Lane. He creates Jeff Lane music, a style within his own. It’s soul music as gathered from his deepest veins of substance. “I just want to be remembered,” Lane said.

Currently Jeff travels regionally as a notable singer/songwriter performing in showcases and songwriter festivals, as well as with Justin Mychals as the “Fabulous Flying J’s“, a song-teller duo who travel in the Winter months and have turned heads all the way up the East coast with a brand of Southern humor and masterful storytelling! Jeff also performs year-round as the front man & guitarist in two very different bands, HUNDRED ACRES and The Real Life Heavies!

HUNDRED ACRES is a true American revival of mixed genres, featuring incredible original music and mind-blowing takes on covers from the 70’s and 80’s! It’s like Honky-Tonk meets Soul Music …. covered in sweet & stinky melted Munster cheese! Lead by songwriter/guitarist Jeff Lane, “100 Acres” spits out “classic-sounding” original music that “feels familiar”! 100 Acres always leaves audiences speechless when dragging out the most unexpected covers, transformed with mandolin, banjo, and other genres of performance all together! This signature sound comes from combining Lane’s songwriting with the legendary Quentin Horton (from Quentin and The Hillbillies’ fame) adding his unique telecaster licks and the unforgettable performances of Matthew Oakes with his signature “flavor” of the band while playing a pseudo-rock/Flamenco twist on the mandolin! The real attention however comes from the 3 and 4-part vocal harmonies! It’s just too much to explain, you need to see these guys!

The Real Life Heavies are a sight to see as well: Professional businessmen by day; rock and roll soul donkeys by night, the Real Life Heavies mix in-your-face American rock-n-roll and soul music with a raw and vintage 70’s-80’s vibe. Sometimes provocative and almost always humorous, these cats know how to rock a business suit and wingtips in any smoky bar in America! They don’t say much, but when it’s on ……. It’s ON!!! 

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