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Jeff Lane is a songwriter with a fascinating history to share. With great stories in his songs, Jeff connects with folks on a deeper level while sharing both his adventures and hardships, and always tries to leave an audience laughing and intrigued. With a heart as big as his stature and a soothing and soulful voice, Jeff delivers a fantastic combination of songwriting and guitar work to the stage! Keep up with current videos on Jeff’s YouTube channel by clicking the link below and subscribing!

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 In 2010, literally from out of nowhere, Jeff Lane and HUNDRED ACRES emerged with their first record and released it at their first gig! After realizing that his music wasn’t meant to be kept a secret any longer, Lane decided to reinvent himself by releasing a culmination of music he’d been building behind closed doors for over nearly two decades. Since nobody knew that he was a guitar player or a song writer, he knew the music would have to be more than anyone would have ever expected. From that moment, it began…

Since Jeff ventured out into the music scene, he has performed shows and showcases with dozens of pros and many respected friends and and fellow writers, including Annie Robinette, Tim Stafford, Bobby Starnes, Trey Hensley, McKenna Andrews, Emily Minor, Kim Williams, Karen Reynolds, Bobby Tomberlin, Rick Stewart, Sam Cooper, Mason Reed, Robby Hopkins, Roxanna Jane, Martha Christian, Blake Robinson, Dave Maggard, John Condrone, Mo Pitney, Bill LaBounty, Carrie Tillis, Fish Fisher, Dan Deel, Quentin Horton, Timothy Chance, David Brendan Hunt, Judy Paster, Bill DiLuigi, Lara Landon, Matthew Oakes, JP Parsons, Speedy Hensley, Lanndon Lingerfelt, Jared Hard, Jim Martin, Johnathan Dean, Marc-Alan Barnette, Tedd & Nita Graves, PJ Steelman, Randy Finchum, Scott Southworth, Heino Meoller, Don & Karen McNatt, and many more!